Quality Policy

The growth which the company has experienced over these last years has transformed us into an organisation equipped with human and physical resources fundamental to the development of a modern-day quality business.

In view of the phenomenon of globalisation and integrated in a sector characterised by an elevated access to the exterior in the last years, competitiveness has become a determinant.

Competitiveness is directly related to the quality of our products and services, hence these are decisive factors for the success of our organisation.

The loyalty of our Clients together with their high level demands has permitted us to specialize in three main groups: construction of industrial buildings according to EN 1090, production of covers and components for underground waste containers as well as moulds for precast concrete.

We believe in our journey so far and that is why our strategy is based on the following points:

    • Adapting resources to the demands and expectations of the market sector;
    • Fulfilling Clients demands and establishing partnerships with the interested parties;
    • Compliance with the law, regulations and legal requirements applicable to the industry;
    • Establishing objectives and goals to continually improve the system, as well as assessing the efficiency of programmes carried out and the results obtained.