A partnership implies the establishment of cooperation agreements with a view to reaching common objectives, enabling the optimization of corporate sustainability.

We can affirm that the establishment of partnerships with our clients and suppliers emerges as one of the cornerstones on which our business is conducted as otherwise we would not be able to present delivery deadlines or competitive prices in a global market.

With regard to human resources, our organisation also values this type of relationship.

Skilled labour, on a technical level, particularly in our field of business, is often very short in supply. As our company is an organisation where know-how is of utmost importance, partnerships prove to be an asset when it comes to sourcing skilled workers.

Therefore, COMET establishes protocols with various local technical schools/colleges:

    • Tomar Technical College in the area of welding;
    • Group of Schools Gil Paes in the area of mechatronics;
    • Ourém Technical College in the area of industrial maintenance.

By receiving apprentices, we have the opportunity to recognise, accompany and nurture talents in each individual area, based on a symbiotic relationship.